Forget the Rule!

Heya folks!

Big news time.

Idiots Rule - Jane's Addiction Tribute has had an overhaul. It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the departure of our amazing lead singer, Hitchcock Hiker (aka. Lisa) from Idiots Rule. She has decided to focus on her awesome, original band (that includes our drummer, Paul Davis), Nurse Ratchett. We had an incredible run of shows. Her talent and ability were truly a sight to behold and we wish her all the best! Thank you, Lisa!!

That said, meet our new band, Nothing's Shocking - Jane's Addiction Tribute!! We will be going the FULL-ON tribute act route: image, stage show, the whole nine yards. And by now you’re asking, “So who the hell is gonna be your ‘Perry Farrell'?”

Drum roll, please…our new lead singer, or ‘Perry’ if you will, is none other than local 80’s Hair Rock tribute legend Marco Lago-Ferrari! WTF??? Right? Yep. He’s been a Jane’s freak forever, fronted a Jane’s type 90’s Seattle scene original band called Skin Picnic, and was a massive Idiots Rule fan (he wrote some awesome reviews about us previously, saying we were his all-time fave tribute band…he really did).

He will still be mostly active with his other bands Dr. Crüe - Mötley Crüe Tribute and Hysteria - Def Leppard Tribute, but we can hardly wait to occasionally bust out THIS version of our band sometime next year. Call it a match made Alterna-Psycha-Hard Rock Heaven!

Also, you can catch our guitarist Dusty Dunkle , bassist Mike Farnsworth, and drummer Paul Davis, in their spot-on Cure tribute, The Lovecats - Seattle Cure Tribute!

Whew, now WE need to sit down after unloading all THAT. LOL! Please visit our new FB page, share with your friends, and stay tuned for our debut performance next year!! 🤘😎

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